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Master Colorist and North American Hairstyling Award Finalist for Newcomer of the Year in 2013, Todd has quickly found his creative space in the beauty industry. As an Artistic Educator, Todd travels the country teaching creative techniques to thousands of stylist a year and his work published around the world.  A former Army Captain, he credits his success to discipline, creativity, and attention to detail.
'I believe that when you look good you feel better about yourself and the world around you -- I love being a part of that.'
                      -Todd Kane  


"I'm so grateful that I found Todd!  He's got both the creativity and the technical skill to pull off any look I'm going for.  I also totally trust his input on how to adapt each look to work best on me.  He's given me the confidence to go way outside my comfort zone with both cut and color.  I absolutely love my hair!"

 - Mackenzie Collier

"I first met Todd coming out of a long period of mourning for my late husband. I had a teenage son, a busy life and was just starting to clear the haze and look to the future. Part of that involved taking better care of myself and improving my sense of well being. I quickly realized that Todd was one of the most attentive, creative and highly skilled stylist I had ever encountered.
I am 59 and not a natural blonde but you would never know it to see me now. I get compliments on a regular basis and that makes me feel amazing. No one who has ever made me look better.  Thanks Todd!"   - Sharon Ely Forsmo

"Todd is truly talented. I have been to many other stylists and can safely say I would never trust anyone else with my hair! Not only does he pay great attention to detail, he makes creative choices that keep me feeling unique. At this point I trust him so much I tell him how I want to feel and he translates it into an amazing look."

- Alysha Patterson

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