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Would you like to enjoy these benefits with an engaging, and talented hairstylist in a safe, clean, stylish, single-suite experience without added pressure, cost or stress? 

- On-time

- COVID Complient

- No wait with personal, pre-booked appointments

- Clean neckline and sides

- Have your bangs at just the right length

- The top is manageable and responsive to your styling products

- Enjoy a relaxing shampoo, condition, and scalp massage

- Receive a 20% discount on all retail products

- Leave feeling fresh, at your very best, and ALWAYS SHARP!

ME TOO!  So I've created  ALWAYS SHARP just for us!

The ALWAYS SHARP  Package is GENDER NEUTRAL, 3-week, pre-booked, fixed-rate package priced at $35 a visit. 

Created for Short hair - not to exceed the nape of the neck, may include clipper, scissor, or razor haircutting techniques.   This service offers an express shampoo, hand style, and blow-dry with the use of two styling products. Not to exceed 25 Minutes


Here's how it works:
- Package price per service is $35
- Pre-pay two services initially and remain pre-paid and pre-booked 3 weeks in advance.
- Appointments must be pre-booked 18-22 days (3 weeks) of each other
- Miss your appointment and you have to start over, forfeiting the $35 cost of the visit you missed
- Requires payment method on file 
- By appointment only at any available time 
- The cancellation fee is the cost of the appointment and services you missed
- No-shows are non-refundable 
- Non - transferrable
- Does not include gratuity

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